‘Discussions’, formally known as ‘The Distraction Podcast’ is the Flagship podcast of ‘The Distraction Network’.  This is a podcast where members, and on occasions, non members of The Distraction Network come together to discuss recent events.  The diverse backgrounds of the members tend to make the conversations unorthodoxed and completely different from normal news outlets.


Discussing Religious Followings

Inmates Running the Prison

Discussing GA Coverups

Discussing the Original Message

Discussing Accountability for Actions with Policemen

Discussing Doomsday Clock

Discussing Presidential IQ

Discussing Due Process

Discussing LGBT in the Military – Quickie

Discussing Trump Family Values – Quickie

Discussing RobKellz

Discussing Ramadan Et Al – Quickie

Discussing N_g_a

Discussing Murder and MARTA – Quickie

Discussing Knowing Your Rights

Discussing Bow Wow and Comey

Discussing Affordable Care Act

Discussing 100 Days

Discussing LGBT in the Military

Discussing the People’s Request

Holidae’s Takeover

Discussing EVM Integrity

Discussing Electronic Learning Devices

Discussing Martin Shkreli

Discussing The Music Industry

Discussing Similarities in the Gay Rights Movement to the Civil Rights Movement

Discussing Mike Flynn

Discussing My Favorite Black History Moments

Discussing Community Outreach

Discussing NCAA to ACA pt1

Discussing Presidential Turnover

Discussing NCAA to ACA pt2

Discussing NCAA to ACA pt3

Discussing 2016

Discussing Testing the Government Assisted

Discussing Michael Slager

Congratulations, you have made it to the finish line!!!! Check back in soon, there will be more to come.